Welcome to Málaga!

Following Nantes (France), the University of Málaga (Spain) is very pleased to host the 6th International Conference of the Financial Engineering and Banking Society on 10-12 June, 2016.

The 2016 Conference will be held at the School of Business and Economics of the University of Málaga, Spain, and it is organized in collaboration with the Portsmouth Business School (University of Portsmouth, UK) and the Centre for Money, Banking & Institutions (University of Surrey, UK), under the auspices of the Financial Engineering and Banking Society and with the support of the General Foundation of the University of Málaga.

As in previous editions, the 2016 Conference aims to provide a forum for discussion among academics, researchers and policy makers for around the world on financial stability and risk management, performance of financial intermediaries and financial markets, banking competition, regulatory and supervisory policies and reforms, financial modelling/engineering and decision making.

This Conference will bring an excellent opportunity to present your own research results; additionally, several social events will be offered.

We look forward to meeting you in Málaga!

Keynote Speakers

Franklin Allen, Executive Director of the Brevan Howard Centre and Professor of Finance and Economics at Imperial College London; Nippon Life Professor of Finance and Professor of Economics at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania; Managing Editor of the Review of Finance.

Arnoud Boot, Professor of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets at the University of Amsterdam; Co-Director of the Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics; Director of the Amsterdam Center for Corporate Finance.

Stavros A. Zenios, Professor of Finance and Management Science at the University of Cyprus; Senior Fellow at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania; Board member of the Central Bank of Cyprus; President of the Network of Universities from Capitals of Europe.


The theme of this year’s conference is “Banking, Finance and Institutions: Stability and Risk”. Topics of special interest, although not confined to the ones below, are:

  • Bank capital structure: impact on banking activity, risk and stability
  • Risk-taking and risk management
  • Bank competition after the crisis: Mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate governance and internal control
  • Asset-liability management
  • Financial modelling and decision making
  • Static and dynamic portfolio theory
  • Asset and portfolio valuation
  • Corporate finance
  • Systemic risk: impact of regulations, methods and data
  • Macro-economic impact of regulations on growth, sovereign debt, credit markets, etc.
  • Financial vulnerability
  • Globalization and integration
  • Financial stability: Liquidity, capital structure, risk assessment
  • Financial crisis and resolution
  • Rethinking financial regulation
  • Macroprudential regulation and monetary policy under uncertainty
  • Developments in emerging markets: Financial liberalization and institutional environment

Special Issues and Selected Papers

We are pleased to announce that selected papers presented at the 2016 Conference will be published in special issues of the following journals:


1) Journal of Financial Services Research

Topic: TBA


2) Annals of Operations Research

Topic: Analytical models for financial modeling and risk management


The conference organizers, in collaboration with the relevant journal editors, will also invite authors of papers presented at the 2016 Conference to submit to regular issues of the Emerging Markets Review, the Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money and the Journal of Multinational Financial Management. These selected papers will undergo a fast-track review process.

 annals_of_pperations_research2a  annals_of_pperations_research2b  annals_of_pperations_research2c

Additional details for the special issues will be provided in due course.

PhD Students Special Sessions

Some concurrent sessions will be reserved for presentations by PhD students.

Conference Host

The University of Málaga is a public institution which promotes outstanding research and teaching within the European Higher Education Area. With a university community of just over 40,000 people, its vigor and growth over recent years have led to it becoming a reference point for universities in Spain. The School of Business and Economics of the University of Málaga offers programs at all levels, from bachelor through PhD, with a total number of students around 4,000.

The city of Málaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol and one of the top international destinations, is in an exceptional natural setting, with a coastline bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by the Málaga Mountains, designated a Nature Reserve. Nice squares and gardens, monuments in a range of artistic styles, and traces of the presence of the Roman and Muslim civilizations appear before your eyes as you stroll through the city downtown or walk along the seafront promenade enjoying the sea breeze.