Getting to Málaga

Because of its importance as a tourist destination, Malaga has one of the most developed transport infrastructures of Spain. It is, furthermore, the administrative, economic and cultural centre of the province, uniting the capital with its coastal and inland villages.

By Highway

From the north of Spain our city can be reached by the A-45. This road is connected to the A-92 which cuts across Andalusia and constitutes the main backbone of the infra-structure throughout this region. Once on the by-pass, the city centre is easily reached, as are the roads leading out to the the coastline on the east and west sides of the city. The coastline from Algeciras to Nerja is joined by the A-7 road.

By Plane: Malaga Airport “Pablo Ruiz Picasso”

Getting to the airport by car

Málaga airport is on the south-east side of the city, within the municipality of Málaga. The airport is reached from the city by the E-15 road, which bypasses Málaga, or by the Avenida de Velázquez, which leads directly into the city.


Getting to the airport by bus

Bus company: EMT
Bus No: 19
Departs: Plaza del General Torrijos
Stops: Terminal 1 for arrivals. Terminal 2 for departures
Timetable: Every 30 mins
First bus (from Málaga): 06:30
Last bus (from the airport): 00:00
EMT website:
Telephone: 902 40 47 04


Getting to the airport by train

Train company: RENFE
Train No:
Departs: Train station
Timetable: Every 30 mins
Stops: Terminal 2 and Loading Terminal
First train (from Málaga): 05:45
Last train (from the airport): 23:45
RENFE website:
Telephone: 902 24 02 02


Getting to the aiport by taxi

A taxi ride from the airport to the city center costs approximately €25-30
Telephone (Radiotaxi): 952 04 08 04
Telephone (Unitaxi): 952 33 33 33

By Train: Train Station “María Zambrano”

Malaga train station is very close to the city center. There are high speed trains that connect the city to Madrid, Barcelona and other parts of Spain and Europe. The train station is a modern building equipped with shops, banks, restaurants and leisure facilities.
Opening hours: 05:00 – 00:45
Left Luggage: 07:00 – 23:00
RENFE website:

By Bus: Malaga Bus Station

Malaga is well-connected to most surrounding towns and villages by bus. There are also long-distance services to Spanish and European cities. The bus station is just a few minutes from the city center, next to the train station.
Bus station website: .